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Grassley works to empower Special Inspector General for TARP to conduct


TO:      Reporters and Editors

RE:      Grassley letter to Geithner regarding the SIGTARP

Senator Chuck Grassley issued the comment below about his letter to the Treasury Secretary asking for an explanation of the resistance of the Treasury Department to requests for information from the Special Inspector General for the Trouble Assets Relief Program.

Senator Grassley was an advocate for creating a Special IG for TARP to try to hold the program accountable and co-sponsored legislation to strengthen the ability of the Special IG to conduct oversight after the TARP program changed its original mission.

Earlier this year, Senator Grassley also battled the White House after it tried to subject requests of the Special IG to the red tape of the Paperwork Reduction Act.

A copy of Senator Grassley’s letter to…

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more about “George…

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