You have got to read this at lest one congressman has Balls.

The Wilderness of Mirrors

Wednesday March 7th, 2012 something strange happened. A former Democrat congressman turned Republican, Rep Walter B.Jones, Jr. [NC-3] did the unspeakable. His deed was so unspeakably dastardly, so evil and vile, that though it has been committed to the public record and can never be withdrawn, it shall never be spoken aloud of. I dare say that this atrocity committed by Rep Walter B.Jones, Jr. [NC-3] is so egregious, so profoundly does it assault the public’s sensibilities that the only possibly way to address it, is to shun the act itself.

So, what you might be asking is this perversion of sensibility that Rep Walter B.Jones, Jr. has committed? It would be this. H.CON.RES.107. And what exactly is this you again might ask. Rep Walter B.Jones, Jr of North Carolina has filed Articles of Impeachment against his Holy Messiahship, the Lord and Protector of America, Barack Hussein Obama.

HCON 107…

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